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  • Bailey Sokal


  • Make sure to label your boxes clearly. Use a sharpie to label which room the box belongs. This helps in the easy unloading of items and ensures your fragile are given that extra attention.

  • Try to pack boxes to the fullest. Lightly packed or half empty boxes are more likely to be crushed or damaged during moving. Also, note on heavy boxes and label them as such. Last think you want is your box of books stacked on grandmas china!

  • Make sure to remove any valuables from boxes or drawers. Carry important documents with you for easy access. If you leave theme in a dresser drawer, they could fall out.

  • You can rest assured when using our packing services, that our Making Moves Jax moving crew will make sure your items are wrapped in thick, quilted, padded blankets.

  • Make sure to double check closets, drawers, shelves, and attics to ensure you have removed all of your items. We don't want anything to fall out during the move!

  • Our professional MMJ movers will make sure to safely secure all your items so they do not shift during transporting.

  • Don't forget to complete a change of address with the Post Office.

  • Make sure and check the weather for your move date.

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